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Schneider Electric Thermal Overload Relay TESYS

Schneider Electric’s TeSys Thermal Overload Relays are essential components used in motor protection to prevent damage caused by motor overheating due to overcurrent or prolonged operation. These relays are part of the TeSys motor control and protection product line, which provides comprehensive solutions for motor control and safety.

Key features and characteristics of Schneider Electric’s TeSys Thermal Overload Relays include:

1. Overload Protection: The primary function of the TeSys Thermal Overload Relays is to protect electric motors from excessive heat caused by overcurrents or prolonged operation. They monitor the motor’s current and respond when the current exceeds a preset threshold.

2. Thermal Trip Mechanism: The relays use a bimetallic strip or other thermal trip mechanisms that are sensitive to temperature changes. When the motor current exceeds the set limit for a specific duration, the bimetallic strip deforms, tripping the relay and disconnecting the motor from the power supply.

3. Adjustable Trip Current: TeSys Thermal Overload Relays often have adjustable current settings, allowing users to set the appropriate current rating based on the motor’s specifications and the application’s requirements.

4. Resettable: After a thermal overload trip, the relay can be manually reset once the motor has cooled down or the underlying issue causing the overload has been addressed. This resettable feature allows for easy recovery and restoration of motor operation.

5. Compatible with TeSys Contactors: Schneider Electric’s TeSys Thermal Overload Relays are designed to work seamlessly with TeSys contactors, providing coordinated motor control and protection.

6. Visual Indication: Some models of TeSys Thermal Overload Relays have visual indicators that display the status of the relay, making it easy to identify when the motor has tripped due to an overload.

7. Wide Range of Current Ratings: Schneider Electric offers TeSys Thermal Overload Relays with a variety of current ratings, ensuring compatibility with motors of different sizes and power requirements.

TeSys Thermal Overload Relays are crucial components in motor protection systems, ensuring that electric motors are safe from overheating and preventing potential damage to the motor and connected equipment. They are widely used in various industrial applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, and other motor-driven machinery. Schneider Electric’s TeSys product line is known for its reliability and performance, making their Thermal Overload Relays a preferred choice for motor protection solutions.

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